Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Is Hard water destroying my curls and what is a solution?

What is Hard water?

     Hard water is water that contains high mineral content, specifically calcium magnesium. When rainwater falls it is naturally soft but then it penetrates the ground and then into our waterways being filtered by stones and mineral deposits. It picks up minerals like limestone, chalk and calcium magnesium and that is how hard water is made. Over 85 percent of households in the country have hard water but the levels of hardness varies depending on the city. Those in the Pacific Northwest, parts of the Southeast, the Gulf States and New England is part of the 15 percent in the soft water zones.

Hard_water_map.jpg (672×370)

How do you know you have Hard Water and what are the effects on natural kinky hair?

     You will know you have hard water because you will notice crusty faucets and showerheads and limescale buildup in your bath tub and shower. With your hair you will notice it seems dull, dry, hair color does not last , it is difficult to manage and you have tried everything possible to reverse the effects but see very little to no results. I discovered I had hard water when I relocated to a different state with very hard water and my products were not working the same. My hair became brittle, tangly and straw-like that no matter what products I used or techniques I tried nothing seemed to hydrate my curls. I was not experiencing the same results from my staple products anymore. I tried using a chelating shampoo which is basically a shampoo used to remove build up left on the hair from hard water . It worked for a time period but it was not lasting. I tried using several different types of showerhead filters on the market and I noticed that they did not last long or did not work. Most showerhead filters DO NOT soften water but filter out the contaminants in the water. Hard water needs to be softened by removing the calcium magnesium.

Solution to Hard water

    It was not until I discovered the Showerstick through research where I experienced a positive and permanent change. Showerstick by Watersticks is a water softening device that removes the calcium magnesium and iron in hard water through ion exchange. Most of the water softening devices I saw online were for houses and also cost prohibitive which was not ideal for my living situation. The Showerstick was the perfect device for me because it was cost effective and is conveniently designed to install in an apartment shower. You regenerate it by using table salt so it is low maintenance. I began using the Showerstick back in November 2019 and it has been a game changer ever since for my natural kinky curly hair and my skin. It leaves my hair soft, conditioned and manageable. I noticed a difference in my hair from the first time I used it and my products are now working effectively.

This is the Showerstick installed in my bathtub.

The salt I use to regenerate the filter

The result of my hair using hard water. This was after I got out the shower. It was brittle, tangly
and dry which eventually led to breakage. My hair is low porosity so it already takes time for my hair to absorb moisture anyway, but because of the excess minerals in the hard water combined with the shampoo it made it difficult for moisture to effectively enter the hair strands leaving it dry. It was a hassle every wash.

This was the result after using the Showerstick . My hair is absorbing the water and products and is left feeling soft, shiny and hydrated. It made such a huge difference after the first wash!!

You can purchase the Showerstick at

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